Whether the building exists or is of new construction, the first interview provides information on occupancy hazard and the architects use classification. The bid plan and specification will be formulated to provide the fire protection system that meets the State, Local and Insurance requirements.

Associates Engineering Systems are available to analyze your existing system and provide instructions drawings and specifications that could be used for Contractor pricing. Upon the receipt of pricing we are available to make recommendations based on the review of the proposals.

Due to the increasing insurance premiums, owners may elect to install a fire protection system to lower their operating costs. NFPA-25 inspections of your fire sprinkler system(s) are available. Adobe format documentation makes information readily available.

Contractors - We will finalize the fire sprinkler system shop drawing, including water spray and foam, and detail with hydraulic calculation and materials stock list for contractor installation. For contractors whose work requires a professional engineering seal in the States of Wisconsin or Illinois, we are available to review the shop drawings and hydraulic calculations and seal your drawings.

We ask that the drawings to be reviewed meet the standards of NFPA for the minimum documentation required. Illinois or Wisconsin seals are included with designs by Associates Engineering Systems.