Associates Engineering Systems


We are an incomparable team striving to meet your fire protection design needs. With our commitment, years of experience and professionalism, we will meet any fire protection design need.

Associates Engineering Systems, LLC will engineer a fire protection system for your existing building or a system to be used in a new construction project. Our designs meet all local, state and NFPA codes.

A brief list of Services provided for Wisconsin and Illinois in the residential, commercial, municipal, and specialty areas. All final designs will be reviewed, approved and stamped by a licensed P.E


Engineering & Design
Preliminary sprinkler design drawings
2D or 3D detailed shop drawings and specifications for
fire sprinkler, water-based/foam, and detection systems
Final design package consisting of hydraulic calculations and
equipment brochures for owners, state, local and insurance approvals

Expert Witness services

Third party plan and Fire Code review
Assistance in completing Insurance Company and
local authority recommendations
Water supply analysis, design and testing including
existing systems protection analysis 
Existing systems protection analysis
Drawings & specifications for general contractors or
owners procurement of bids
Cost analysis with design variation
Fire system problem solving and troubleshooting
Pump tests and sprinkler inspections